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Mario Fillion

Business development. Sales / Purchases

Graduated from H.E.C. from Montreal in business administration, Mario Fillion began his career in the recycling industry in 1982 for the company La Compagnie de Recyclage de Papier de Montréal inc. as a controller.

In 1990, he joined a few partners to found Recyclage de Papier M.D. specializing in recyclable material and acting in the area of business development for the company.

Then to resume a position at the management level in 1997 within the company La Compagnie de Recyclage de Papier de Montréal.

In 2011, he founded Recyclage LogiK Inc.. The objective is clear:
Offer recycling and waste programs adapted to businesses of all kinds to create savings and optimize their residual materials. Today with more than 38 years of experience, Mario Fillion is proud to be able to work and share his dynamism with these many customers.

Mario Fillion

Our business

Recyclage LogiK is your trusted partner in the management of your residual materials and recycling for your business. With the incessant costs year after year that the vast majority of businesses incur, your waste and recycling becomes more and more expensive. At LogiK Recycling we know that customers demand reduced costs and outstanding service for their residual materials. Our structure has the solution to offer you both and thus allow you to focus on activities essential for your business.

As your business grows, you generate not only waste but also recyclable material. For this reason, multiple service providers are required to manage this situation. Now when you join Recycage LogiK, a call to us is the only one you are making. We organize suppliers, sellers and equipment necessary for all your needs.

With over 35 years of experience, Recyclage LogiK leverages its many customers, partnerships and suppliers, the highest level environmental leaders that have been developed over the years that have contributed to the success of our business.

Recyclage institutionnel

Nothing less than a 5 star



Save money. Nothing less. Our structure is based on two complementary services, namely: the purchase and sale of recyclable materials combined with waste management in order to allow our customers to be able to receive an attractive monthly monetary fee or else generate a reduction in waste costs on the monthly billing while reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and thus promoting recycling.

Until now, Recyclage LogiK has allowed, thanks to its structure, to give the opportunity to many customers to make savings of around 30 to 60% on their costs of managing waste and recyclable materials! These savings therefore make it possible to receive royalties payable each month to these customers. To date, our statistics allow us to say that we pay for 80% of all materials recovered from our loyal customers.


To excel as a leader and trusted partner on environmental solutions for waste management and recycling in Canada.


  • Loyalty to our customers, our employees and our environment.
  • Commitment to our actions
  • Honesty and being true
  • Passionate about heart and soul