Recovery of all kinds of plastics

Recovery of all kinds of plastics

For several years, Recyclage LogiK has built up a network of partners in order to meet the demands of our ever-growing customers generating several types of plastics. We can dispose of your plastics worry-free and thus avoid inflating your waste bills.

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Laundry detergent containers, Industrial tubs, Totes, etc. are made of high density polyethylene

recyclage hdpe
déchet hdpe


Plastic films such as new mattress packaging, trash bags, sandwich bags, are made from flexible plastic

recyclage ldpe
déchet ldpe
déchet pvc


Reusable plastic dishes, commonly known as Tupperware, as well as other food containers such as large yogurt jars – are made from number 5 plastic.


This plastic is very light because it is expanded by air – this is called styrofoam. It is also found in the composition of small individual yogurts and in coffee lids


Especially used in the industrial manufacture of materials or toys, PVC is very little found in the food sector.)

recuyclage pvc
déchet pvc


You can find it in the composition of water bottles, peanut butter jars, vinaigrette bottles.)

recyclage pet

EPS ingots

Styrofoam densified by heat

recyclage eps

We provide the equipment to dentify your styrofoam volumes
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Learn about our baler

This equipment will allow you to reduce the density of your plastic by compressing into bales and thus simplifying storage. It is safe and helps keep your workplace clean.

We have a baler for you..!